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About Danka Food

Danka Food Enterprises Corp.

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Danka Food Enterprises Corp. is the authorized exclusive distributor in the Philippines for RAPS GmbH, one of the leading major players in the spice, seasoning, and functional ingredients industries.

Danka Food is a family-run business established in 1990 by Mr. Clemente “Poy” Reambillo after spending more than 15 years in the local spice and seasoning business. Its core competence is in the supply and marketing of value-added spice and seasoning products to the meat processing, snacks, foodservice, sauces, and other related food businesses. It has maintained an excellent reputation in the local food industry due to technical competence and professionalism. Having been in the food business for 28 years, it has established a harmonious partnership with clients and has developed a wide network of business contacts.

Danka Food’s current list of customers includes among others: major meat processors, sauce and seasoning and snack manufacturers.

About Danka Food

RAPS GmbH & Co. KG

About RAPS GmbH & Co. KG

RAPS GmbH & Co. KG

RAPS GmbH & Co. KG is one of the top global players in the seasoning and functional ingredients business, creating the finest flavours for all types of food products across various industries. Headquartered in Kulmbach, Germany with over 90 years of experience, RAPS represents high quality, innovation, and raw materials expertise.

RAPS is active in all markets for spice procurement, with an excellent network of established suppliers around the world. The selection of suppliers abroad is made through personal auditing that takes place on-site, ensuring that the raw materials meet RAPS’ high standards. Contract farming is also contributing to the supply, shortening transportation routes.

RAPS achieves the best quality through strictly-defined standards for farming, harvesting, and preparation that go beyond legally-required standards. Further sensory, analytical and microbiological inspections of the raw materials and finished products ensure that end products meet RAPS’ own standards and those of the clients’.

RAPS makes use of a wide variety of technologies to give the end products the desired purity and quality. Innovative technologies such as micro-encapsulation enable the customized coating of raw materials, protecting them against temperature fluctuations, moisture, and oxygen.

As a result, products are more stable in their flavour and colour. In addition to coating, RAPS has also developed HD Extraction that allows the production of natural and highly concentrated extracts of the best quality.

Only small amounts are needed to produce intense flavours, making extracts a highly economical choice. These technologies, backed with more than 20 years of experience, enable RAPS to be one of the world’s best extracts producers.

Numerous certificates confirm that RAPS offers the highest level of quality and security. In 1993, RAPS was the first spice company to be certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001. RAPS is also in compliance with HACCP, which requires the recognition and avoidance of food purity risks.

RAPS possesses Bio-Label organic certification and international seals of quality, IFS Food Certificate at Higher Level, and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Level A) certificate, among others.

RAPS represents innovative power, technology, and performance—things that are summed up in their slogan “Performance Inside.”

RAPS has seven production facilities in Europe that process around 1,100 raw materials from all over the world using 20,000 recipes, and dispatching more than 2,000 deliveries daily to over 80 countries, with over 900 employees worldwide.